To new beginnings

I have to be honest. I've never really had a "brand" - some photographers are just so good at it; their marketing is just so on point. From the moment they first decided to pursue photography, they started developing their brand.

Me? Well, I was the opposite. I focused all my efforts on pursuing the craft of photography. If I was going to this, I wanted to do it right - I didn't want to just make images, I wanted to make images that would etch themselves in the consciousnesses of the people I photographed.

Nearly ten years into this crazy journey, I felt it was time to pause, reflect on where I've been and where I want to go, and start laying a road-map to the future.

So, here we go. It's time. Let's take this journey together - I've got snacks (any good journey has snacks. Combos to be precise.)

I want to go down as one of the greats - McCurry, Leibovitz, Bresson - I want to create images that are so powerful, they touch future generations. That's what I've always been reaching for. To quote Steve Jobs, "I want to ding the universe". I want to visually show people what the meaning of life is and create something that they can look at every day and share with children and grand children. Here's my honest truth folks, life isn't about the shit you buy, the cars you drive, the brands you wear - you won't find happiness in job titles, or in promotions. That corner office you've been chasing after is a distraction from the real important things in your life, and that's the people.

Sadly, I know that I've taken some of the last photos that people will ever take with their loved ones. That's why the craft of photography has always been so important to me; there are no second chances in this line of work.

So, back to that journey.

I want to focus more on creating meaningful imagery in a profound way, whether that's a couple welcoming their newborn baby home or a photograph with you and your grandparents on your wedding day. I want to be more intentional with the images I make. I want to make images for the future generations of your family, and my own.

I believe that anything well crafted stands the test of time, and I want the photos I take to amplify in meaning with each passing year. I want to capture your real moments and I want to do so in a way that highlights meaning. It's not enough to just snap the moment as it happens, you need to frame the moment in a way that conveys just how special that moment is.

So that's where I'm headed - I want to focus on creating images that are both classic and contemporary. I want to capture true and fleeting moments that show how crazy and beautiful life can be. I want to bring an element of modern studio portraiture to weddings. I’m going push the boundaries of what people think wedding photography is, and expand on what I think it should be. I'm headed even further down the road that I started so many years ago, but I'm doing it with a little more wisdom, a little more foresight and lot more understanding. So that's my brand - images that are timeless, authentic and real.

With that mind, I'm BEYOND excited to announce a brand new website and a whole new client experience! From now on, we gonna be allllll about dat print - honestly, we’ve always shot for the print but we’ve never based our client experience on it. WE WANT YOU TO PRINT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. There is no point to hiring a photographer to take pictures if you just look at them on your phone. This is your life, it deserves to be displayed.

So join me on this journey, take a peek at my new website and let me know what you think!